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Why American Troops Won’t Affect the Outcome in Iraq
Middle East Expert Details the Final Outcome of Islamic Militancy
Discussion Topic
The handling of the war in Iraq is the single most divisive issue in America today.  Whether or not the U.S. Government should withdraw, surge or stay the course is debated in barbershops, at kitchen tables and in Pentagon offices.  Middle East Expert Dr. Susmit Kumar lays out in his new book “The Modernization of Islam” why American troops can no longer serve a purpose in Iraq and how America’s current presence is just delaying the inevitable:  Islamic Extremists taking over the Iraqi Government.  However, Dr. Kumar uses history to reveal why this is actually a necessary step for Iraq to become a Democracy.    
Talking Points
·        Is it time for the United States to withdraw from Iraq?
·        American presence or not, why do you believe it is inevitable that Islamic Extremists will succeed in overrunning the Iraqi Government?
·        How is the current Islamic civilization similar to early 20th century Europe?
·        Do you believe war is required to affect major change?
·        What exactly is a modernized Islam?
·        What about the country of Turkey provides you with so much hope?
·        Why Muslims attracted to what Islamic Extremists are offering?
·        Why do you predict Muslims will eventually reject Islamic Extremists?  
Topic Overview
With all that has been committed and allocated to fighting the war in Iraq, it is easy to see why this has become the most debated issue in America.  “But we have to leave,” Dr. Susmit Kumar powerfully contends.  “We cannot do anything more there and it is costing us money, resources and, most of all, our people.”
In his new book “The Modernization of Islam” Dr. Kumar explains how the United States is merely delaying the unavoidable outcome of Islamic Extremists seizing control of the Iraqi Government, “Believe it or not, this is actually a needed step for Islamic civilization to eventually become fully democratic.”
Dr. Kumar, Founding President of the Prout Institute of United States, draws parallels between early 20th century Europe and present day Islamic society, “Had Europe not endured the labor pains of World Wars I and II, it might still be ruled by Monarchs.”  Dr. Kumar further explains after Islamic nations succumb to the grips of extremists, the people will eventually rise up against fundamentalism. 
“It’s at that point the majority of Islamic nations will become secular and democratic, like Turkey,” continues Dr. Kumar, who once served on the India Administrative Service implementing and influencing government policy. 
Once Turkey gained it’s independence in 1923, nationalists introduced several radical political, cultural and social reforms including closing the Islamic courts.  It has remained free ever since shedding its fundamentalists rule.    
“Turkey is a shining example of 21st century or ‘Modern’ Islam; not the 7th century version being served up in other nations,” Dr. Kumar points out.  “But before that rebirth can occur in Iraq or any other Islamic nation, the labor pains have to take place.  That’s why America no longer serves a purpose in the metaphorical Islamic civilization’s ‘delivery room’!”
About Dr. Susmit Kumar
Dr. Susmit Kumar is the author of “The Modernization of Islam” and obtained his Ph.D. in only two and a half years from Pennsylvania State University.  Dr. Kumar is a previous member of the India Administrative Service, which influences and implements government policy.  He is also Founding President of the Prout Institute of United States.  Dr. Kumar has been published internationally with numerous articles on topics like international politics, history and economics.  He currently lives in Cincinnati, OH.  Dr. Kumar’s website is www.ModernizationOfIslamBook.com.
To interview Dr. Susmit Kumar contact him at (513) 754-0547 or email susmitk1@gmail.com