Dr. Ravi Batra's interview

This is just a friendly reminder that International Best Selling Author and economist Dr. Ravi Batra will be live to answer your questions about state of US economy. As you all should be concerned about your financial health, please take this opportunity to get your personal questions answered by DR. Batra by calling to the radio station at 972-235-5555 from 6 am to 7 am CST on 104.9 fm (DFW) . Dr. Ravi Batra will be answering questions on state of US economy with US hittign federal debt ceiling of 14.3 trillion dollars. How does it concern all of us. How do we take care of our Investments, retirements, 401k,Mortgages, buy or sell Gold, Holding USD, Maintaining our financial health and how to survive the coming crisis which might be perhaps more seere than the great depression of 1930.

If you have friends back in India and outside Dallas Metroplex, they can listen to Dr. Batra's interview by tuning in to www.funasia.net from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm Indian Standard Time. The one's in India should also be concerned as India's trade deficit is rising at an alarming rate and it cannot balance its budget like printing currency like US. As a result, the economic crisis that India might go through due to global recession might be even severe than US. There is suspected property bubble in major cities across India notably Mumbai and Delhi. The ones note from Dallas Metroplex can listen to Dr. Batra's interview online at www.funasia.net

The number to the radio station is expected to be extremely busy with calls from all. If you want to get your questions answered, please visit the following blog and post your questions so that they will be answered by Dr. Batra. http://alisamana02.wordpress.com/

To know more about Dr. Ravi Batra , please visit www.ravibatra.com

I personally recommend you to please listen to following interview with Dr. Ravi Batra http://www.proutjournal.org/2011/05/875 and ask him questions based on this 36 mins interview. I would also recommend you to read the following article and understadn how US has accumulated a huge national debt http://www.proutjournal.org/2011/05/weapons-of-mass-exploitation

Please spread this word amongst your friends and family members' financial health who you really care about. I am glad that I was able to find your email address to send this email to you.

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