ELFE (from Wikipedia)

English as a lingua franca for Europe, also known by the abbreviation ELFE, is a concept promoted by some linguistics experts [citation needed], which aims to standardise the use of the English language in the European Union. English, in some form or another, is already widely used and understood by people in EU countries, despite it only being spoken natively by a small percentage of those people. However, regional differences in English, as well as peculiarities in spelling, vocabulary and grammar shared with few other European languages, have made learning it more difficult for many Europeans; ELFE does not only aim at making English easier to learn (this is the main objective of other projects as for example "Simple English"): ELFE indicates the development of high level languages for a global society. English is evolving into a more international language,elements of English which it shares with other European languages are being emphasized[citation needed]. ELFE integrates much international expert terminology and uses mostly phrases that are self-explaining. It avoids English expressions that frequently create misundertanding in communication between people from different parts of Europe. ELFE does not necessarily indicate standardisation of English, it also could describe a style that is more suitable for use of English as a European lingua franca.