The Second Prout Newsletter from Boulder Colorado

The Second Newsletter from Boulder Colorado sent by Cetana. See

A New Book by Dr. Susmit Kumar

Available for Immediate Interview
Contact:  Dr. Susmit Kumar 513-754-0547
Why American Troops Won’t Affect the Outcome in Iraq
Middle East Expert Details the Final Outcome of Islamic Militancy

Good News

Good News from Nine Sectors (RDS, WRDS)
Good News of Delhi Sector
Good news is always inspiring part of  ours organizational out turn report, which has its own importance in this phase of the organization. Appended bellow, are some good news from Delhi sector regional wise and the overseas sectors sector wise.

Allahabad region:

ELFE (from Wikipedia)

English as a lingua franca for Europe, also known by the abbreviation ELFE, is a concept promoted by some linguistics experts [citation needed], which aims to standardise the use of the English language in the European Union. English, in some form or another, is already widely used and understood by people in EU countries, despite it only being spoken natively by a small percentage of those people.

Latest books by Ravi Batra

Greenspan Fraud

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