The farce of political democracy

The farce of political democracy
By Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

Movement against political corruption news in Hindi language

इतना फॉरवर्ड करो की एक आन्दोलन बन जाये
“दर्द होता रहा छटपटाते रहे, आईने॒से सदा चोट खाते रहे, वो वतन बेचकर मुस्कुराते रहे
हम वतन के लिए॒सिर कटाते रहे”

280 लाख करोड़ का सवाल है ...
भारतीय गरीब है लेकिन भारत देश कभी गरीब नहीं रहा"* ये कहना है स्विस बैंक के डाइरेक्टर का. स्विस बैंक के डाइरेक्टर ने यह भी कहा है कि भारत का लगभग 280 लाख करोड़ रुपये उनके स्विस बैंक में जमा है. ये रकम इतनी है कि भारत का आने वाले 30 सालों का बजट बिना टैक्स के बनाया जा सकता है.

Dr. Ravi Batra's interview

This is just a friendly reminder that International Best Selling Author and economist Dr. Ravi Batra will be live to answer your questions about state of US economy. As you all should be concerned about your financial health, please take this opportunity to get your personal questions answered by DR. Batra by calling to the radio station at 972-235-5555 from 6 am to 7 am CST on 104.9 fm (DFW) . Dr. Ravi Batra will be answering questions on state of US economy with US hittign federal debt ceiling of 14.3 trillion dollars. How does it concern all of us.

Dr. Ravi Batra's interview

Dr. Ravi Batraji's interview on Funasia Radio 104.9 FM onFriday, May 27, 2011 from 6 am to 7 am CST. The number to the studio is 972-235-5555 for listeners to call in and ask questions. People around the world can listen to this interview online at


PROUT interview!

PROUT interview!
May 17, 2011
I want to thank you for visiting my BLOG. This morning our guest was Apekshit, an electrical engineer by trait who feels very passionately about the economic conditions that we are facing today. Apekshit is a student and fan of the National Best Selling Author and Economist of Dr. Ravi Batra (Who will be our guest next Friday).

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